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EXFIL® Carbon Bump Helmet

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EXFIL® Carbon Bump Helmet Sizing Chart


New EXFIL® orders are currently being shipped within 5 business days from receipt of order. View our EXFIL® Return Policy and Warranty Statement

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, any orders placed Wednesday, November 25th through Sunday, November 29th will be processed on Monday, November 30th and will ship within 48 hours if the items are in stock.

Product Description

The first carbon fiber helmet made with our next generation helmet liner technology.

Leveraging our expertise in helmet liner development and our long-standing partnership with the U.S. Military, the EXFIL® Tactical Bump Helmet is our first complete solution for head protection in the tactical market.

Using technology largely developed under an Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center program, the EXFIL® features a hybrid sling/polymer structure impact management system that offers improved multi-impact performance. The liner also allows for superior air flow and ventilation by creating standoff between the wearer’s head and the helmet shell. Made of durable TPU, the liner is resistant to wear and environmental extremes.

Designed with functionality in mind, the EXFIL® is made of lightweight carbon fiber and is compatible with tactical communication headsets. Picatinny rails provide a wide range of attachment and positioning options, and webbing slots offer cable management. The EXFIL® is compatible with most 3-hole NVG shrouds and mounting systems.  The helmet also comes equipped with Team Wendy’s newest retention system made with cam-lock sliders for easy and secure adjustment and a Boa® Closure System for optimized stability and fit.

Product Information


  • Lightweight with high-strength and stiffness
  • Clearance for all popular communications headsets
  • Currently available in black, coyote, multicam


TPU Hybrid Liner

The TPU Hybrid Liner was largely developed under the U.S. Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center HEaDS UP program, and is the original system used in the EXFIL Carbon. It utilizes a series of patented thermoplastic urethane (TPU) structures optimized for impact protection in combination with a crown sling. This allows for superior air flow and ventilation by creating standoff between the wearer’s head and the helmet shell, and the TPU is resistant to wear and environmental extremes. This option exceeds current ACH Blunt Impact Protection requirements, maintaining ACH level 10ft/sec impacts below 150G, with an average below 65G across all impacts, conditions, and available sizes.

Why choose the TPU Hybrid: 

  • ·  Newest in helmet liner technology
  •   Highly breathable, promotes airflow
  •   Extremely stable

Zorbium® Foam Liner

This liner utilizes the same Zorbium® foam that has been proven in the standard ACH ZAP 7-pad system, packaged into a 3-piece impact liner with removable center channel to better accommodate overhead communication headbands, and a series of adjustable comfort pads using an antimicrobial wicking fabric. This liner option in conjunction with the EXFIL™ Carbon shell has been independently tested to meet the requirements of EN1385 standard for whitewater helmets. EN1385 uses a 250G maximum acceleration threshold. In addition to providing impact protection, EN1385 also carries requirements for retention system strength and retention system effectiveness.

Why choose the Zorbium foam Liner: 

  • ·  Adjustable comfort pads to customize fit and minimize pressure points
  •   Full moisture wicking fabric coverage


  • Cam-lock sliders for one-handed adjustment and secure fit
  • Boa® Closure System for optimized stability and fit


  • Stronger glass filled polymer construction
  • More secure mounting to shell with standard 3-hole stainless 4-40 fasteners
  • Magpul MOE Picatinny section is securely mounted to captive nuts
  • Lower rear center-release-buckle (CRB) acceptor, also functions as rear t-slot entry
  • Rear t-slot positioned for increased strength and slip resistance against forward pulling forces
  • Additional entry point on upper t-slot – allows access to front bungee or other accessory with headset adapter or other mounts still in place
  • Included shock cord kit provides easily adjustable, t-slot mounted NVG stabilization
  • Added "sideburn" section with captive 4-40 nuts for additional mounting

Check out our Interoperability Rail 2.0/ARC Rail & Accessories chart

View our EXFIL® Return Policy and Warranty Statement


  • Compatible with most 3-hole NVG shrouds and mounting systems


  • Loop panels for ID badges, IR beacons & NVG counterweight
  • Camoflauge and High-Vis helmet covers for an additional charge



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